How to Host an Online Event on Meetup

A step-by-step guide for hosting online events.

Meetup was created for in-person events that bring people together offline. But during the coronavirus advisory, we’re working on solutions to help you host online events and keep your communities both safe and connected. We’ve also updated our in-person event policy.

With feedback from the Meetup community, we’ll continue to support online events until we’re able to meet again in person. Here are some best practices for hosting online events on Meetup today. 

New to Meetup? Learn how to host online events.

How to choose an online event service

We recommend using video conferencing services like Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Jitsi. Learn more about a few popular video conferencing services.

Creating an online event on Meetup

During the coronavirus advisory, here’s how you can create your next event with an online community in mind.

Desktop and mobile web instructions

Check out the Help Center for the full written instructions.

  1. Create a new event draft.
  2. Designate that your event is “Online” at the beginning of the event title. 
  3. In the event description, invite members to join your event online by following the link listed in the event location.
  4. Click Make this an online event. Your event location will display your video conferencing link.
  5. Add a link to your online event in the field below. Your link must be related to a video conferencing service. Don’t include any additional text aside from the link.
  6. Complete any optional settings.
  7. Publish your event.

You won’t be able to make online events recurring, they must be scheduled individually.

Best practices for online events

Watch Meetup organizer Sunil Bhaskaran’s webinar where he covers best practices for keeping your group engaged, healthy, and growing by hosting online events.

In addition, follow Meetup CEO David’s advice for keeping members engaged during online events:

  • Check in with every participant and encourage them to share their thoughts.
  • Turn on your video cameras. Seeing each other’s faces helps us to connect.
  • Encourage people to meet in a quiet place where everyone can be heard. 
  • Remember to mute your microphone when not speaking.

People rely on your community for support and organizers like you are leading the way to keep them connected online. Helping groups stay healthy and connected is our number one priority and online events are a great solution until we’re able to meet in person.

Last modified on September 15, 2020