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This group was formerly known as NYC - Happy Ex-JW Survivors Meetup. We are currently undergoing some changes? Why? Well we will still keep JW and related tags connected to this group for search purposes. But we have found that one of the big needs exJWs or ex-anything for that matter is interaction was a wide variety of people. Integration into society is essential. So there is room here for small events incorporating one denomination as well as larger ones for several denominations.

It should be noted that this is a secret group, only for formerly religious people living in the NYC area. We will be pre-screening members. Again the purpose of this group is for socializing and getting our respective ex-religious groups (or all of us) together for events, while at the same time maintaining some privacy for those who may need it.

Formerly Religious is for people who have left their religions, especially fervently religious, fundamentalist, and orthodox sects. This group is designed for people who no longer believe in the faith they were raised in, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism; i.e. atheists, agnostics, and deists or “spiritual” individuals who may or may not believe in a higher power. We think we are going to find a lot of commonality, and find support around our shared challenges. This is a group for socialization, discussion, friendship, and fun (but not proselytizing). If you think you are a fit, please join us! Please Note: This group is NOT for supporters or the curious. We are trying to create a community of people with similar backgrounds. Thank you for understanding...

We can learn from both the similarities and differences in our backgrounds and the challenges faced by those leaving our religious groups and the communities within those groups. Also, there may be organizations which serve the needs of the ex-religious across religions, since we face so many common challenges; struggles with family and making new friends, divorces and custody disputes, stunted educations, overcoming indoctrination, gay rights, etc.

We might also at some point be able to work together on political or legislative issues which concern us all.

A few things: (1) Please only post things in this group which are relevant to everyone in this group. That would include anything of interest to ex-religious people in NYC generally or anything an ex-religious group is doing which is open to all of us. If a group has a meeting and it only for that group, please do not post here, because people might mistakenly think it is an open meeting. If you are just posting a general interest story, it's probably better to post in the large Formerly Religious group with over 1,000 members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FormerlyReligious/ (note: that group is closed, not secret, and while problematic members are removed, people are not pre-screened before they are let in).

(2) If you know someone who left an orthodox/fundamentalist faith living in the NYC area who would like to join us, please add them. If the moderators of this group do not know the person personally, they may inquire about the person. PLEASE DON'T ADD ANYONE YOU HAVE NOT MET IN PERSON, regardless of how well you think you know them in cyberspace. We are trying to keep this group as secure as possible, and it is impossible to really know the identity of people nobody has meet offline.

(3) It is of course vital that everyone keep this group's membership, events, and posts secret.

(4) Please don't leave us! This is a unique group, and while we're not yet sure what we are going to do with the group, some good things should happen. One person has already contacted me about doing a panel of ex-religious people from different religions. If there are a lot of posts in this group and you find them distracting, please just choose the option to remove them from your feed. On the other hand, if there isn't much happening here, don't assume nothing is going to happen... Thanks for your patience!

Isaac Carmignani (https://www.facebook.com/isaaccarmignani)
Todd Kadish (https://www.facebook.com/todd.kadish)

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