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Israeli startups NYC meetup group is a leading, fast growing community, focused around Israel and NY tech scene ecosystem.

Our goal is bringing the two tech capitals closer, by getting the top figures in Israel's tech space to share their knowledge and understanding of "Startup Nation secret", with the NY tech community.

We hope you have a fun time with us and you should check our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ILStartupsNYC) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/ILStartupsNYC) to see what you've been missing so far.

http://IsraeliStartupsNYC.com/ (http://israelistartupsnyc.com/)


We are happy to announce a new collaboration with Microsoft- 1 Day Incubator (http://israelistartupsnyc.com/apply)!
Every Thursday, starting November 13th, we'll host 5 teams at the Microsoft offices, for a full day (9am-9pm) of work. We will provide the teams a working space, high speed internet, coffee, technical assistant from the Azure team and mentorship from the Israeli American tech community and much more. All 100% FREE!

*You Don't Have To Be Israeli Startup To Join The Program!

Want to join the program? Go to our online application now - http://israelistartupsnyc.com/apply ­
Want to become a mentor? Contact our Outreach Director Bat-el - batel@israelistartupsnyc.com


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