Worldwide Premiere: The Coworking Handbook


The first practical book on coworking is coming out and we are hosting the worldwide premiere at New Work City:

Coworking Handbook: Learn how to create and manage a successful coworking space (

We will be running a short discussion with Tony Bacigalupo, Major of New Work City and author of the preface, and author Ramon Suarez, followed by Q&A and drinks. The event is open to all coworking space managers and operators, even if you have not become one yet. Attendees will receive the Kindle version of the Coworking Handbook.

This manual is the work of Ramon Suarez (, who opened and has been running the largest coworking space in Brussels, the Betacowork (, and is one of the founders of the Startup Europe Coworking Assembly ( Since opening Betacowork over three years ago, Ramón has been sharing knowledge and experiences with the coworking community, namely at the coworking conferences and online. Seeing the same questions pop-up again and again he decided to summarize his knowledge in a practical handbook for coworking space operators that are starting or struggling with coworking.

The book covers:

• What coworking is and other forms of collaborative work.

• Creating, nurturing and growing a community.

• Marketing and sales: promoting your space and getting new clients.

• Choosing, designing, and managing your space.

• How to be profitable and the basics of coworking finance.

• Legal considerations of running a coworking space.

The Coworking Handbook was the first coworking book to run a successful crowdfunding ( campaign and will be soon published in Spanish.

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