What we're about

Connecting.nyc Inc. is a New York State not-for-profit formed in 2005 by residents who saw the .nyc top level domain (TLD) being as vital to the city’s future as its air, roads, schools, subways, and water.

Our founding mission was to to prepare the city for a more networked future. An initial and preliminary task was advocating for .nyc's development as infrastructure that empowers residents and organizations to better connect with one another and the world. With .nyc’s acquisition and activation in 2014 we modified our mission to reflect the needs of the digital city.

What We Do…

• Educate New Yorkers about the effective use of the Internet, with special emphasis on the .nyc TLD’s role as public interest infrastructure.

• Serve as an intermediary between the city's individual Internet users and the ICANN community. To facilitate this role we joined ICANN as an At-Large Structure Organization.

• Spread our experiences with .nyc and the ICANN to cities globally. Enabling this role we were granted special consultative status by the United Nations in 2015 - we're an NGO.

Learn more about us at http://connectingnyc.org .

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